Old ppl less susceptible to hysteria

When you get older its harder to get sold on panic. You live through so many times where its blasted all over tv and everyone is saying we are all about to die. I remember they said the icecaps would be melted by 2014. Then I remember the Y2K bug was gonna kill us. The mayan calender was supposed to kill us. Then even the church says jesus will be back soon. Now everyones freaking out about covid and I just think ya know what I cant change the world. If its all gonna come crashing down I'm not gonna worry about it because theres nothing I can do and its probably not gonna come crashing down. Because like it or not smart ppl who tell us whats gonna happen are wrong very often.

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  • It is good to be courageous.

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  • old people are the only ones watchin cable news anymore

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    • This shows my point. They watch hysterical coverage but dont feed into the hysteria like the ones who dont watch it and get their news from twitter.

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    • My Grammy used to like watching professional wrestling.

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