Okay to tell opposite gender friends about your relationships problems

I'm a woman who only has opposite gender friends.
For some reason i've never talked to them about my dating life, and they've never talked to me about theirs... IF they date... I dont even know that! Well I dont know why it just feels uncomfortable kind of. My best friend i've been close to dating a year ago because we kissed and then he asked if i'd like to date because he thinks i'm cute and sweet.... But I didn't feel like it then so we dropped that idea and I don't even know if he has feelings for me ? I mean what does "cute and sweet" mean, you know. It wasn't exactly a storm of passion he gave me there. Anyway, my love life has been pretty down the dumpsters lately and i'm feeling increasingly torn apart by what's going on in it and I have no one to talk to. I'd love to be able to tell him but i'm afraid to hurt him by telling him i've been involved with someone else honestly I dont really wanna know if he has been involved with someone either for some reason. I only talk to one of my friends about these things but we dont talk super often him and I have dated (platonically though) but we are still fine talking to each other about these things. He's just my least favorite friend though (not so sound mean). I wanna talk to my best friend... Not just pretend everything is fine. I know my feelings of hurt are stupid because the guy i'm upset over is just a total jerk is what i've gotten told when asking about him online multiple times before even when I tried to lift his actually very positive sides he also has everyone told me that the massive red flags were too big which I, too, knew but decided to ignore because he's so stupidly "perfect on paper"... Which is dumb. But I dont think I can never pound that into my head for real without the help of a friend...

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  • Yes, its OK to tell someone you trust about your relationship experiences and issues. Their gender does not matter.

    We all seem to go through many of the same issues (regardless of gender). There are a few that area specific to gender; but, most people understand that the each gender has some items that are unique to each gender - and they are not a secret.

    I wish you well...

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