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How do you keep a decomposing body's smell from getting out of an apartment? Is hiding them in some sort of basement enough?.

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  • It'd be easier to give advice if you posted your address. You know, for potential surrounding areas to dump the body.

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  • Fridge

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  • You definitely should know the answer to this.

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  • Only things I can think of that stop rot are extreme cold and curing...

    I read your comment, where you said that the story is about a guy who feeds a demon flesh, so the curing is out. Doubt hellspawns have a taste for fine, premium quality jamon... So your only choice is a freezer.

    Cold temperature prevents microorganisms from turning meat into a rotting mess.

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  • Sounds like it could be a great book.

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  • What you need to do is to pick up the phone, dial 911, and then make a confession. You will never be truly at peace until you turn yourself in, and face justice. Turn yourself in for your own peace of mind. Just do it!

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  • you definitely just don't want to leave it rotting on the ground somewhere even in a basement, as a body decomposes the enzymes caused by membranes rupturing literally begin eating the cells from the inside out. the enzymes begin to leak out, which produces a lot of gas and the body to bloat which can also attract insects. the bacteria causes a REALLY bad smell, like literally even if you remove the body the smell will still be around for days/weeks. if you don't remove the body at that point it'll just leak all sorts of nasty shit all over the place which is really gross and smells even more disgusting.

    i guess you could get rid of a body by acid but that usually takes a lot of work and time and if you don't get a proper container to hold the acid in it's just gonna melt the container and everything's gonna get on the floor.

    easiest method is freezing it, you'd have to cut the body up first so just stick the body in a bathtub or something and work there and just wash the blood down the drain. you could buy a chest freezer or something and keep it down in the basement where you store the body parts.

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  • I reckon you could put the body in a freezer.

    Or for removal using a saw to cut up the body into little parts and carrying it out into seperate bags to your car everyday until its gone. Then taking it out into the woods somewhere and burning it. Power tools are too loud.

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