Normal “fan account”?

I woke up today and went on reddit and saw that I had a message, so I clicked on it and it was from someone who has a similar username to mine, but just only one E in the username.
For context, I was in a pony town subreddit and I had posted multiple of my characters from the game to that media. And this random person was telling me that someone had stolen my characters. They also claimed that they were a “fan account” of me. Which immediately brings up suspicions. Because who makes a fan account of a person with a small following?
Note that this “fan” has 0 posts, joined on April 16, 2021, and has only commented once on one of my own posts that states “hi im a fan of ur ponie and i see skmekne have ur cassandra in ponytown”
This fan account is really making me question whether or not this person is trolling, or just trying to get my personal info.

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  • probably a troll impersonating. i'd report them if applicable

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  • Sounds like someone socially awkward and probably young. They’re likely harmless but I second the advice to not give out any personal information. Take the compliment, someone clearly likes your work.

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  • Maybe you're just more bitchin' than you think. Don't give out personal info and you should be fine.

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