My grandmother refuses to accept her husband can't come back home?

My grandfather has dementia and is currently in hospital. My Grandmother believes he will be back soon but it really isn't looking like it. We tried to tell her kindly about the situation but she doesn't believe us. We're afraid to tell her the entire truth as it might make things worse for her.

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  • It's not a matter of "refusing" to accept her husband can't come home, she literally doesn't comprehend it. You need to be careful when dropping heavy things like that on someone with dementia because it can actually make their dementia worse. Anything distressing should be brought up carefully

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  • It'd be much kinder and better for him if you tell her. Try putting it as a hypothetical like, "Grandma what would you do if granpa never came home?" Good luck with a very difficult situation.

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  • Im sorry. My grandmother has dementia right now and its terrible. Look into experimental treatments is all you can really do and thats also a risk.

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