My Girlfriend likes me to save my sperm for her

When we are apart for long periods of time, my girlfriend likes me to save my sperm for her. I keep it in the freezer. Then when she comes back she usually wants to have some poured on her during sex and then drink the rest mixed with my fresh batch. Is it normal?

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  • normal? No. Gross? Yes.

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  • Its a fetish thing just like all the others. Some things its gross some thinks its hot. Your girl loves cum plain and simple its a normal thing honestly.

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  • I think it's kinda hot that your girl loves your spunk that much, better than a girl who refuses to swallow.

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  • i smell child support payments

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  • Everybody's got their kinks. Be glad she wants to be the one to play with it instead of watching you do it.

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  • I could've sworn this was already a post on here...

    Well, this is gross!
    If you think this is odd, then why did you agree to do this?! Didn't want to hurt her feelings,eh?

    This is really disgusting!

    Old sperm, New sperm. Cold sperm, Dry sperm.

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