My body gets itchy after i shower

after i shower, my whole body itches.
i try to change products (shampoo, soap, loofa) but it still happens. i immediately put lotion on to alleviate the itch and it works somewhat.

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  • The most obvious culprit is, as others have said, some product you're using when you shower.

    Another possibility is that you could be sensitive to the residues of detergents and softeners on the towels. I can see how this might not normally be a problem when you're wearing clothing that's been washed in the same way, but when you vigorously rub your warm, damp skin after a shower, the sensitivity is triggered. You could try air-drying and see if that makes any difference.

    Something else you might consider is just how often you really need to shower. Many people - Americans in particular - are obsessed with showering and do it once or even twice a day when there's really no need for it. Every time you shower and use soap or shower-gel, you're stripping from your skin the natural oils that keep your epidermis healthy. The massive body-care and hygiene industry is happy to sell you expensive, factory-produced oils for you to slather on to replace those oils, but it makes much more sense to stick with what millions of years of evolution have provided.

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  • Is the water super hot? You could be drying yourself out.

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  • Sounds like dermatitis

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  • use a better body shampoo, one that has a good lotion in it, dont try to save a dollar by buying a cheap imitation at walmart, who get over 90% of their merchandise from china and its a lower grade of product

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  • My friends brother always has sneezing fits in the shower. Once in a while when I get out, my hands are very itchy. I practically scratch the skin off. I dunno whats up that

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  • Dry skin. Use soap only on your genitals and asshole.

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  • This is most likely an allergy to one of the modern ingredients in today's perfumed soaps.

    Go buy a bar of Ivory soap; and just try that. It still has a mild perfume (it always did); but, it never had all kinds of other additives that many other modern soaps used.

    There are some other soaps out there you can try without additives. But, Ivory bar soap is a good place to start as it should be in the local grocery store/target/etc.

    If you are used to body wash... it takes a bit to get used to bar soap. Bar soap predates body wash by about 100 years... It does work.

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  • Yeah, I had the same problem and the dermatologist told me never shower with real hot water and always use a moisturizer right after all over. I use Cetaphil and it works good. Also don’t dry completely with a towel. Air dry as much as possible.

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  • Ask your doctor for skin allergy testing, lots of people are allergic or sensitive to preservatives used in liquid soap or cremes.

    Try using a skin kind variety or even baby or children's shower gel

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  • Do you think you might be allergic to the water? or at least the chlorine?

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