Is this normal that i want to change the rules of the world?

For one thing I would have crime legal on every street and I would remove police, the other thing is that I would have child soldiers and make them work overdue. I would make drug trafficking legal so for eg I would make sure that marijuana,cocaine,MDMA and other illegal drugs legal. I would also make sure that people can use guns everywhere therefore I would legalise the uses of guns everywhere. The other rule that I would have in place is the poaching of animals and other endangered species ( If in case someone wants to survive and eats by all means ). The other rule that I am going to talk about is allow the uses of pornography. This means I would lift the age rating of porn so that everyone can watch it.

The second thing is that I would abolish every age rating for videogames and movies.

Allow theft to happen so that people can steal things that they want. The other thing that I would abolish is ethics so nobody needs to know about them.

The way I would arrest people is if I starve them to death and also shoot them.

I would get rid of prisons and jails so every criminal can be freed.

I would also allow children to work at 20 hours non stop.

And also kill every religious person on sight.

Therefore every single time that the crime rate is going up it shouldn't really bother the whole city.

I would also allow the uses of knives ( so if they need to defend themselves ).

The other thing that I would get rid of are school buildings. Like no one needs to learn useless junk.

I would make everything free so this means no more ATMs or banks.

The other thing is that I would make every country communist. No more of that capitalism thing.

Apart from that that other thing that I forgot to mention is that I would clone people so that they can come back to life.

The other thing I would make legal is treason ( I mean who cares if you do something bad ).

The other legal thing to add is for anyone to have an intercourse at any age.

The last thing I'd change is also have child soldiers at age 6.

The other thing I would make illegal is gay marriage.

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