Is there something wrong with me?

Okay, I had a severely dysfunctional childhood and was emotionally abused and raised by a mom with severe anti-social personality disorder. We were the talk of everyone back in the day. And had lots of negative attention from social workers, CPS, schools, police, and the FBI. I am still working on my paranoia from these experiences. I still think the government is watching ke like a hawk, even though it is probably not true. I will probably never shake that feeling of being watched, like I was as a child.

Despite this, I went and graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree. About a year after graduation, I was diagnosed with a severe form of pre-cancer that needed 2 years of treatments and 3 surgeries. Then COVID hit. So, in the 6.5 years since college graduation, I have been unemployed for 5.

Right now, I do not even want to use my degree. I'd personally prefer to just be a grocery store cashier, full time. Eventually buy a house and everyone leave me alone. I only have about three close friends and I've cut ties with the majority of my extended family because of the emotional abuse.

My family said I'm essentially not living up to my potential. But what if I just want a low key, low stress job and life?

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  • As long as you're living a fulfilling life and are able to support yourself, it doesn't matter what you do for a living. If you truly feel like you'd be happier with a low-key job then you should apply. What your family thinks is entirely irrelevant

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  • I just think your family is right that in the long run you are gonna regret not having a decent paying career. You will dislike being a cashier as much as most other jobs that pay better. Young ppl dont really have a good concept of money until theyre actually paying for themselves.

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