Is statement true: “dog is man’s best friend? do you agree?

Hi, random thought. I’m thinking myself if possibly a German shepard as my next pet of choice. I think I’d click and get along well with a German Shepard to keep me company. But as far as my question, would you agree with the old saying “Dog is Man’s Best Friend”? Is that true? Would you ever consider any pets or dogs or animals from your past as a “Good Friend” of yours?

Comment: Yes it is normal if you think it’s true. Or “No, it’s not normal” if you would disagree and not believe it? Thanks.

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  • Dogs are definitely mans best friend. Many cultures have dogs. Dogs are very helpful they can smell shit from a mile away. And they can attack people on command. They're great for security because they bark.

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  • Dogs are awesome can definitely be a best friend, just not for every one. I love all animals.

    Have you ever had a Shepherd or similar dog? They are active, intelligent and need proper training and attention, as well as proper grooming. Just things to consider

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  • Yes. Doggies are the best.

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  • I absolutely think so. Dogs actually had no choice but to learn to read humans perfectly, because of thousands of years of evolution by our side. They can read our body language, facial expressions and know what we feel by our tone of voice too. In fact, dogs are capable of oxytocin bonding with their owners (the exact same type of bonding that happens between a mother and her newborn). It means that this "love hormone" is released in a dog and its owner while they gaze into each other's eyes, play, cuddle, etc. I totally see all of that having my own dog, she always senses what I'm feeling and reacts to it, comforts me when I'm sad and brings me her toys when I'm happy at the moment.

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  • I agree with that saying.

    They definitely can be a man's best friend. I have noticed that pets can be really good for when you need emotional support.

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  • I had a blue point Siamese cat for almost 15 years, and I can truly say that he was my bestfriend.

    How much do you know about German Shepherd dogs? How much life experience do you have owning, training and caring for large dogs?

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  • I've definitely had very close connections with all of my pets, both dogs and other types of animals. I don't know what I would do without my cats, so I would agree that pets in general can be man's best friend!

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  • no, chickens are

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