Is it wrong

is it wrong to resent reddit because my husband is always on there literally.

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  • I recently went on reddit. A group called nashville. Its full of Californians that moved here and they just go complain about southern people and the governor and Trump 24/7. Its like every single woke lunatic that moved to Nashville is on there. One of the posts said due to the new abortion law overturned businesses aren't gonna wanna invest in Nashville anymore and stop putting factories. I said "I dont think companies really care about abortion they just want to turn a profit" within one day it got like 100 dislikes. I just assumed reddit is full of crazies.

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  • Not sure it's really wrong, considering many people would become resentful if their partner spent more time doing something else than with them.

    I had an ex who was a video game addict and I definitely resented video games for awhile because I felt he prioritized them over me (even got really bitchy with me, rolled his eyes even when I was upset about something bad happening in my life because it was interrupting his stupid game, and routinely ignored me or became visibly annoyed with my very presence over the games; he also prioritized them over his family and friends, responsibilities, etc.). I finally got a clue and that relationship didn't last long though, thankfully. Now I feel pretty neutral about video games in general, though obviously excessive use of them is unhealthy.

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  • Is it wrong to resent you? Good heavens Margret, what were you thinking!? Is your head okay!?

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  • Not wrong but why direct your resentment at Reddit. He’s on there by choice, so you should be pissed at him for neglecting you to be on some stupid website.

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