Is it okay to distrust everybody?

they turn around and smile as if they are planning something. every time i question it, nothing makes sense anymore. just the other day my colleague tried to explain to me that he didn't lock me out of my apartment on purpose. i think he is lying and i am sure he knows what i think about him. i have already talked to someone about it, but nobody believes me that there is something wrong.

I'm not crazy. It happens all the time and it keeps me from working because I can't get it out of my head.
i have to consider that everyone is conspiring. i'm not sure if i'm the main target, but they obviously like to ruin my day.

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  • I think there's a healthy level of distrust (i.e. always being alert and not sharing too many personal details or letting people you don't know very well too close, etc.), but you sound a bit paranoid. Very few people have the time, energy, or even want to conspire against someone.

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  • I feel a bit like this at times but your reaction is a bit extreme. You probably have a mental illness of some sort. Personally I am untrusting of people because you often don't know what they may do. But to think so many people are against you isn't reasonable. Most people have a couple people who have it out for them. However most people aren't against anyone because most people don't actually care about you enough to be fixated on doing anything against you.

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  • Yes

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  • If you need to say "I'm not crazy", then you definitely are.

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  • You need to understand people are not as smart as you take em to be and surely don't have the time and patients to plot against you.
    Look.. You are going to have shit cunt people do things to you that you don't like but most of the time people are bizzy with their own shit and really are not out to fuck wid ya.

    Distrust people yea, but don't let it consume you. figure a medium but like I already hinted at, Not everyone has the deviant patients to plot against you and if they did, well, they must be an unemployed ghetto queen that sits on that rusty chair on their front porch and hates and trolls, these people are not a threat.

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  • No.

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