Is it okay to blur out the world around me?

This is probably me going to me ranting, but I blur the things, and people around me, but I have an idea on why I do that. It's real simple: I want to be left alone, cause I deal with hate and shit. I don't know, I think that's one of many reasons. When I blur people out I can't mostly never remember your name or your face, but I mostly take notes on your body language. That's it I move on. Not really caring-
I don't know if it's a problem I just notice I do it, when I'm in a public place. I ignore people, but if I have no choice to talk to you, I do-
But most of the convo I will maybe remember.
Like I said, I don't know if it's a real problem, or I just do this.

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  • It’s normal to ignore people you don’t know in public. Not many people would remember every face, name and conversation that happens.

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    • Yes, true. When I mean public I mean my classmates who I've grew up with since Pre-K, but I tend to not remember all them I mostly remember them by their body language than their name, but as we all grow up their body language changes, and I can't figure who they are, and they act like they know me.

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