Is it okay to be jewish and an intactivist?

Yeah, I still celebrate Jewish holidays but I will never circumcise my kids or marry someone who’s circumcised.

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  • An intactivist?

    Jewish stereotype of being bad at athletics.

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  • go to temple regularly?

    send money to israel?

    watch fiddler on the roof periodically?

    you a doctor lawyer or in entertainment?

    did you have a bagel for breakfast?

    do these questions make you roll your eyes and go 'oy vay'?

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  • Idk will the jewish police come and get you? Lots of us don’t mesh with the way we were raised, circumcision is messed up anyway so good for living on your own terms :)

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  • Yeah that's normal. It's not like you're casting off the whole religion/culture just because you disagree with one small part of it. Judaism can evolve like all religions have, to become more modern and socially acceptable in the 21st century.

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  • That's a weird restriction. Most boys are circumcized at birth, it's not like they chose it.

    Be whatever kind of Jew you want to be. The ritual of religion can give you a sense of community. No harm in that....usually.

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    • In the US at least, this person would struggle with finding someone who is uncircumcised. I'm not sure whats up with that restriction. It's not like we chose to have it done. Lol.

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  • I've never met a jew.

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