Is it okay if a boyfriend says to his gf "i think your friend is hot"?

Apparently that's normal behavior and I'm weird for thinking it's rude

Is it normal behavior?

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  • I think it's disrespectful to you as his girlfriend. It's one thing for him to think it, as everyone finds others physically attractive even while they're in a relationship, but there's no need to tell you.

    One of my exes saw a picture of my cousin online and told me she was much hotter than me. Looking back, he did a lot of things to try to negatively affect my self esteem, and I'm sure that was one of them.

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    • Yeah literally he just met her and he said damn your friend is hot after we left the meet up and it bothered me

      Glad you left that guy then

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      • Yeah, seems very disrespectful to me, especially if he just met her.

        Thanks! I am too, lol!

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  • It's rude.

    Sometimes it's better to just think something rather than to actually say it.

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  • Ive said it, not sure it was ok though lol

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  • Its rude, but I would probably still say it to my wife, but im kinda weird, so its not normal, but id say it.

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  • Your bf needs to watch his mouth, sure, but I don't think it surefire means he'd ever cheat on you.

    He's just commenting on your friends looks and it sounds like an off-the-cuff remark which he blurted out without thinking.

    Obviously it's not a nice thing to hear but I don't think he intended the comment with any malice. He's just put his foot in it by making a stupid throwaway remark.

    By all means pull him up on it and he might take a moment to self-evaluate and apologise for making you feel bad, but don't accuse him of anything you don't know to be factually correct.

    If he continues to put you down, leave him for your own sanity absolutely, but this seems like a common error that even I might make on a date if I wasn't watching my mouth.

    I'd try to communicate your feelings and let him know that this kind of thing isn't OK from your point of view.

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  • Depends on the person.

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  • It’s normal, people don’t just switch off their attraction to everyone else when they enter a relationship. Humans are one of the only species that are monogamous, monogamy isn’t natural. Fuck someone else and tell him all about it.

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