Is it ok to top up my regular painkillers with other ones?

I’m prescribed Palexia painkillers for a chronic back problem but even though I’m on the maximum dose, I’m still in pain. For about the last 2 years I’ve been buying 60mg Codeine and 30mg Dihydrocodeine online (they’re totally legit pills - I’m very fussy who I buy from). Thing is, lately I’ve noticed that even when my pain is bearable, I still find a reason to justify taking these extra pills on top of the Palexia I’m already on. I don’t take them to get stoned or anything & I function as normal when I’m on them. I only take the extra pills about twice a day so it’s not like I’m taking handfuls of the things but would this still be classed as an addiction? I know they’re all quite strong painkillers so IF this is classed as an addiction, I could try gradually reducing the pills I’m not meant to be taking - but, to be honest, a part of me doesn’t want to do that & I don’t know why since I don’t take them to get stoned. There’s no point in me talking to my doctor as he doesn’t want to know & it’s because of his attitude that I turned to taking the extra painkillers in the first place. Am I an addict??

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  • Your likely addicted to the opioids. That is not a good place to be...

    Did you go back to your Dr and tell them that the pain medication they prescribed was not working well enough - and give them a chance to find something else?

    In the USA most major medical groups have a pain specialty group to assist with things like this.

    You really should tell your Dr what you have been taking and what is happening... and let them get you the right help.

    My sister got addicted to opioids for back pain. It really messed her up for several years and she lost her job over it. It took several years for her to be able to get another job.

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  • What happens when you take no opioids at all for 48 hours? Do you feel tingling pain all over? Diarrhea, nausea, etc

    I got trapped with the same thinking when I first got hooked on opiates I thought addiction was for pussies because mentally I can stop doing anything. But when I stopped abruptly I realised addiction to opioids wasnt mental it was all physical. The first time I stopped I thought I had a bad flu until another friend I use to get pills with told me that you cant just stop taking them at once.

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  • Yea, u are addicted.

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  • You're probably addicted to opioids.

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  • Not good to do this.

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