Is it ok to tell my family nothing about what goes on in my head? (help)

For years now I've been depressed and suicidal. I've attempted suicide 8 times now, but my family still hasn't figured it out but I'm afraid to tell them.
With my family, they think "I made you, so I can fix you." Or to make it simple, if there's a problem they try to fix it themselves, thinking there is always a solution, and a reason for the problem, so I'm afraid what they'll do if I were to tell them. I also am a bit of a knife collector so I'm also afraid that will be taken from me because they think I'll kill myself with them which is the last thing I want. I also want to run away from them- I don't feel safe at home (Not because of any sort of abuse at all) I just want to leave, even if that means spending months in a hospital for how I feel, I just want to be free.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Please help.

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