Is it ok to react to her child bullying behavior?

I live at home with my roommate.
She’s horrible, she calls me names, gives me big long speeches on how I’m failing in life, turned into a bully and doing really crap.
She’s disappointed with me basically talking to me like she’s the boss of me.
I’m moving out in a few months thank god, but I need to just cope until then.
Lately she’s just walking past me and laughing I generally just think she’s jealous of me as she has said it before.
But I just pretend I don’t care and keep being happy which annoys her so much.
I’m not doing it intentionally to annoy her, I’m genuinely happy and she just hates the fact!! Which isn’t my problem, it’s her own insecurities.
I just need help on what to do every time she walks passed me and makes a smart comment sometimes.
Before I’ve just laughed back and continued being happy.
But doesn’t seem to be working as she’s still doing it.
Her weakness is me being happy as I can see it when I smile or laugh she slams doors and sighs.
Please help Thankyou.
I forgot to mention we have had a fall out and arguments in the past, but lately it’s kust gotten to a point where I can’t ignore it and I have to react when she laughs as it’s my only shield really.

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  • Light the apartment in fire thatll show her

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  • Picture her with a mouth full of dog shit when she's talking.

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  • She sounds like a dick. I would just be out and about as much as possible.

    When you are at home have back up - friends/partner who know the score. She will feel like a right numpty if she tries this walking past you and laughing bullshit when you have people with you to witness it.

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  • I know it would be difficult, but given that laughing at her nastiness isn't working, could you possibly not respond at all?

    Maybe you could record one of her raves and replay it when she does a new one? Then record that and so on ....

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  • People have opinions, but opinions are no more than a bunch of synapses sparking in a network of neurons in the brain. Opinions have no objective reality, and no reality at all to anyone other than the person who has them.

    We should always try to acknowledge and understand the feelings and opinions of others, but it's always our choice if we allow them to affect our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It's up to each of us to decide if we think the pattern of synapses firing in another person's brain are more important or reflect reality better than what's going on in our own head.

    It can be very difficult to ignore obnoxious people, particularly those who have a talent for recognising weaknesses and know how to push buttons and manipulate. Living with someone like your roommate and dealing with her from day to day must be very tiring, and when you're in the midst of the little psychodramas such people continually create, it's extremely difficult to see her objectively. But MrToxic is right: the fact is that this person deserves your pity. Feeling sympathy for someone who is damaged and locked into a very negative world-view is very challenging when they're constantly trying to drag you down into their shitty little universe, but I'm sure you'll see that clearly once you're clear of the gravitational drag of the emotional black hole in her head.

    In the meantime, you should keep on being you, and do your best to accept that she has the right to keep on being her.

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    • Thanks for the response. I am not op obviously, but it is pertinent to my life at the moment.

      Regardless of your beliefs praying for a sick individual such as the roommate does wonders and I shall have to remember that in my daily affairs.

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  • Just be the better person. Suck it up and make it through the next few months. Be home as little as possible.

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  • This woman deserves your pity. She behaves spiteful and toxic in her adult years. Keep doing what you're doing passing her by. Ultimately, she'll soon be gone from your life. In the meantime don't give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to you. Even if she does get to you remind yourself, your life is going significantly better than hers. She will undoubtedly struggle to form meaningful relationships with a personality like hers. This woman chooses to behave this way and should be pitied.

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  • You could agree with her then describe her behavior as if it is you. Or, ignore her.

    But the best option in my opinion would be to ask her kindly to leave you alone. Let her know your plans of departure amd you just want to remain respectful and civil. Try to schedule yourself around her so you cross paths as little as possible. You should not have to do this, but it may be best for your mental health.

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  • Have you tried sitting her down and talking to her

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