Is it ok to only think about me?

Three years ago, I almost lost my husband to a fire. While he was under the hood of our Oldsmobile.
With 70 percent of him in burns.
I never been that terrified about losing anything, in my life!
From the day I met him, in high school? It was me and him vs the world.his recovery was long. And we did what we always do.
(Beat it together). He lost one of his eyes. His left hand was burned almost completely off. Almost from head to toe he was covered in burns and destroyed tissue. While it's over? His pain (at that time) was evident... One night, after finishing recovery for good? he wanted to make love. AND I COULDN'T EVEN FUCKING DO IT! I feel like a Earth worm! He knows without a doubt I love him! (I married him and everything!). But I can't explain what he looks like. Sometimes I felt like dirt! Especially if he's shirtless or something. Its not even real! But I'm not getting any younger! Im not even gonna pretend I've haven't been dreaming of other dicks. This is nothing I'm in control of! It's a physical thing.
I've caught myself staring at men's crotch. Somedays are worse than others. But I can think of just a few mornings at the store, Mall,ect...
And I could have (literally) suck the first dick I can get my hands on! Am I wrong? Am i discussting.
There's nothing I won't do for him!
But I (like you) are still a sexual creature! Would I be a heartless bitch, for accepting he's repulsive?
Would you blame me if for fantasizing about his buddy's?
I also sent nudes to his old boss. That secretly, I always found to be mouth watering... I don't treat him any different! But I'm not super woman! The other night, I ran into this ass, my husband never did like!
That always just embarrassed himself flirting with me. Recently I flirted back. (I don't even know why) WTF?
Why I was staring at his crotch,
Wondering how fat he is, am I crazy?
My husband's hideous!

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  • The post seemed legit until you said "i cant deny ive been thinking about dicks" and then going on about crotches or whatever. Girls dont really talk like that.

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  • You have no moral character, no emotional control, no sense of commitment. YOU are what is wrong with the world.

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  • You are a bad person for making up a story that is simultaneously very sad and very stupid.

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  • You're not a bad person for finding him unattractive as he likely objectively is. You are however an absolute dumpster slut of a woman for sending his boss nudes. Die.

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  • If you only want c0ck then what's wrong with his? Most d1cks already look like a burn victim anyway

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