Is it ok that i hate myself and the world i live in?

I wish I would die in my sleep already, I'm pathetic and so is my life.

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  • Unfortunately it's a part of the world we live in. I also suffer from anxiety and depression but it goes in bouts. I don't think I've ever loved this world because I am very guarded and not too open around other people. I'm learning to accept and like myself in spite of how I may think I am 'different'. It's a crazy world so don't feel bad. Work on respecting and liking yourself before trying to tackle the world.

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  • I feel that way sometimes.

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  • Yep, it's pretty normal. I feel like this every single day. And then I have a large drink and forget all my woes. Repeat 2x.

    (p.s. - Don't be so hard on yourself)

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  • Can I have your stuff? You aint gonna need it.

    Yes its ok to feel bad.

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  • You need a purpose

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  • Yes

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  • I don't think it's normal.
    But I've been there.
    Some days I still am.
    But life is about choice.
    When I see a man so fat you know he can't see his junk without a three way mirror.
    That's choice.
    Same as anything I do.
    If you are unhappy.
    Get out of the crap that's dragging you down.
    First, control yourself.
    Then, control your environment.
    Life is about choice.
    Why is your life pathetic?
    Youre comparing it to something its not.
    Compared to A large part of the world today, and most of the world 100 years ago.
    I bet your life is pretty nice.
    So, the problem is self pity.
    But no plan to fix it.

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  • i would say it’s normal? but it also isn’t. i suffer with depression but i try to find ways to cope with it, obviously some days are better than others but, you never want to let your life go to waste over something that just needs a good fix up, trust me ik. look to things to take your mind off the darkness and sadness, of course those days will always crawl back around where you wanna give up, but stick to it. even if it’s one person that wants you alive and well, then you do that for you and that person because you might be the reason they’re holding on too :)

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  • Yurp.

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  • No.

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