Is it ok not to miss my friends especially during quarantaine?

I don’t miss my friends during this pandemic. I haven’t seen them in person since march and I don’t even feel like FaceTiming them or texting them. They wanted to make plans soon but I don’t even feel like doing anything since I’m really enjoying myself alone. Before this pandemic, I would always be the one making plans but idk whats wrong.

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  • Friends are shit.

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  • Maybe you are just growing within you .
    Thats part of growing comes with change .
    With time away from them you are learning to be by yourself and realizing maybe they are not friends you want to hang out with anymore .

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  • Perhaps you neglected to give yourself “alone time” before and are now getting obsessed with it?

    What I’ve also noticed myself is that I don’t want to talk to certain people much recently as they are constantly whinging and bringing me down. It’s an unfortunate combination of their problems intensifying whilst my tolerance for people bellyaching drops due to my own problems. Maybe there’s an element of this in your situation?

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  • You were a very social person before and sometimes it’s easy to be too focused on others instead of yourself. You probably didn’t realise how stressful it was to always be the one organising social events and now that you’ve had a break, the effects are starting to show.

    Take this time to relax and focus on yourself then in few months you will likely feel reenergised and ready to socialise again.

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