Is it normal to wish death on someone

For those who followed my posts, guy A is the dad, according to my ob/gyn. This man lied to me that he loves me, i got pregnant, he said he will support my decision. I decided to keep it, he was very supportive until recently he started acting wierd.. Not picking up calls etc, he said he wishes that I had done the abortion,he even wants me to do it at 32 weeks a whole baby wtf! ..that made me super mad. Now he said that his heart belongs to another, he even lets his new girlfriend pick up his calls and text me some insults yet am like 8 weeks away to deliver.. I just wish this motherf***** would die.. Like something bad to just happen to him like asap, I would be happy is it normal to wish for this?

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  • Yes, it's normal. And guy A is acting like the child he probably is. That being said, try not to live in hate, if only for your child. Because one day your child might want to know this "man", and every word you have said about him will come into judgement. Trust me if you want to win the parenthood game take the high road.

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  • Yes, it sounds like this deadbeat dad is deserving of a slow and painful death. Definitely do sue him for child support! He'll probably run off to escape having to pay like a some common criminal. This will probably make his life Hell, but it will be a Hell of his own making. Honestly, it wouldn't be a tragedy if a guy like that ended up with testicular cancer. He sounds like an awful person. You learned a hard lesson about love, sex and parenthood. At least he didn't give you an STD. No glove, no love is always my motto. A guy can say he loves me all he wants, but I'm not trying to get pregnant unless I'm married, and I'm almost old enough to where I won't be able to get pregnant anymore.

    His stupid talk about abortion is just downright evil, he's a giant steaming pile of dog shit! Well, at least you're doing the right thing. That guy is just a selfish, self-centered douchebag, but I firmly believe it will catch up to him. Eventually something bad will happen to him. Karma is a bitch, but that's why I love her.

    It will probably be a hard road for you in certain ways, but at least you'll have the energy to keep up with a kid, cause sometimes I think I wouldn't be able to keep up with one myself. Regardless, just please always remember that you made the right choice concerning the life of your unborn child. A lot of young women let other people pressure them into having an abortion then they regret that mistake for the rest of their lives.

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    • Anytime I feel down, I will always read this comment over and over.. Say no more.I wouldnt feel a thing if something happened to this person,and I can't wait for karma..

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      • Thank you so much for your response. You, my dear, are very welcome! I was happy to share my thoughts, because I don't want you to ever doubt yourself on what you did, always remember that you're a precious child of God, and that your baby is a blessing.

        I'm glad that I could encourage you!


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  • Cut his cock off!

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  • Of course it's normal, I've had my share of people on my death list. It was just a phase though, i'm not really wishing death on anyone at the moment.That aside i'm sure it's normal.

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