Is it normal to want to be like Jason Voorhees?

I personally would love to live in a secluded cabin and slaughter groups of random teenagers. I wouldn’t be worried about them fighting back because I can't die and the police don't really do anything to stop me. It’s kind of like a survival game and I will always win. It's not murder that interests me. It's the thought of seeing pure terror in their eyes when they know they're about to die that's exciting. This will be a lot more fun than trying to fit in with society everyday. Is it normal to think like this? I would NEVER commit violence in real life. I don't think I can survive in prison.

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  • It was Jason's mom who did the killing in the first movie.

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  • I'd like to be one of the vamps from The Karnstein trilogy.

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  • If anything be more like Michael Myers.

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  • Are you the same person who posted they want to kill someone? That's a bit odd to have two very similar posts about something so disturbing all the same day.

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  • Jason is a fictional character and isn't real. Nothing good is real so the sooner you realize that the sooner you'll wanna die or live in an uneventful and boring world that has no meaning.

    I'm really talking to myself here..

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