Is it normal to think this?

I feel like I'm just sitting here.
While everyone else is moving.
While their living.
and I'm living in this void.
Time flys by so fast.
I feel like I'm drowning.
Everyone is happy.
and while I'm dying inside.
Would anyone care if I was gone.
Not that I would just end it like that.
But would they.
I'm just a worthless person living in this black and white cruel world.
Why am I even here, If I'm not important.
I'm alive, but not living.
I feel nothing.
To the point I don't give a sh*t.
About anything.
But what I really think is that "happiness" is a laod of bull.
It's just a chemical in your brain.
What I also think is that I'm tired.

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  • That's an awful poem, by the way.

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  • very bad poetry, captain

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    • Not poetry. Thats just the way I write when I'm writting down thoughts.

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  • We are all irrelevant and we will all die so just enjoy the few short decades you have on the planet

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  • take antidepressants plus benzos.

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  • I think that you sound very depressed and lonely. I'm sorry that you feel this way. I think that you may need to get out and start living your life. Also, if you really think that you are worthless, which you aren't by any means, you really need to get some help.

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  • It is okay to feel like you are drowning, sometimes. It is normal; life can seem to be a bit overwhelming at times and also to feel like you are not a part of all that life going on around you; ignored and unacknowledged.
    The key thing to remember is YOU matter to YOU!!! You are the important one in all of this. You are important to your own existence and you have your own life to live.
    Sometimes we can choose to be a lone and other times it seems as though we have been forced to the sidelines and forced into a region where we are ignored by all despite our desires to be noticed, acknowledged.
    Just remember this; we make our own choices... IF we want to feel like a part of that world going on around us, then we NEED to MAKE ourselves a part of it.
    There are a lot of folks out there who would love for someone like you to come and visit them, to say hi and ask how they are doing... Go to some of your local Nursing Homes (elderly care centers), go to the hospitals and ask the nurses on the floors if they know of any patients who would appreciate someone dropping by and visiting with them, reading to them...
    Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen...
    You will not only be noticed but you will find yourself being much appreciated and even loved... and in turn, will feel the same for yourself...

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    • Thank you for the advise.
      But why do nice things for people and when you die it won't even matter because most of us and I mean MOST of us are irrelevant right now, including myself as well.
      But I will try to make myself part of the "world" around me.

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