Is it normal to think like this?

I am a perfectionist to the fullest. When it comes to drawing on canvas if I find that I don’t like what I drew I will take a damp cloth and some dish soap to remove the pencil drawing from the canvas. However, my intention is to draw without erasing on the canvas. I am concerned about the dish soap affecting the canvas. Is this normal? It did not leave any residue behind when wiping it with a wet cloth with dish soap and water. Am I overthinking or is it okay to want to start over again on a new canvas?

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  • Perhaps practice on a more disposable/cleanable surface before you are ready to lay something closer to perfection on actual canvas

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  • I come from a line of perfectionists, and all I can say is that we either make they best art or the worst art lol.

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  • Perfectionism, in general, is not always a healthy mindset, as you set unattainable goals for yourself, which means you'll always be dissatisfied with the results. In art? It's good to have a healthy level of criticism, and to fix your mistakes. It's worth striving for greatness, but you'll never get there if you focus on the minor mistakes. To quote the late Bob Ross "It's a happy little accident".

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