Is it normal to play a bus-driving game?

One of my favourite games is that game of driving a bus uphill.

This game's on my mobile phone and I love that game, I can play it for 4 hours.

I always wanted to play a mobile game of driving a bus, challenging myself to get to the destination on time, is that normal?

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  • Twisted Metal.

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  • I'm old enough to remember crazy taxi! That was fun!

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  • The only bus driving games that are worth it are OMSI, OMSI 2 and Fernbus Simulator. With realistic bus models and realish driving feel, especially when playing with a wheel and pedals.

    OMSI, OMSI 2 and Fernbus Simulator - best bus driving games out there!

    I'm a part-time bus driver in real life and I approve ^these^ 3 games.

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  • i mean if you have a lot of fun playing it sure, doesn't matter what anyone else thinks

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