Is it normal to make money from the war?

As you know putin's war (I know I spelled his name without a capital letter) is still going on. A lot of Ukrainians fled to Europe. A lot had to leave their belongings behind. And once they started settling in in Europe, they need cars.

And I saw this as a business opportunity. Buy and sell old cars at a semi-reasonable markup. I bought 3 ok-ish SUVs that needed some work, sent them to Bulgaria for a fresh coat of paint, fix dents and scratches and a good interior cleanup, shipped them back to Germany and sold 'em as very well maintained and looked after cars. I did choose models known for their reliability, but I didn't do any mechanical work. Just test drove the cars, made sure they drove ok.

Sold the cars under a friend's friend's company. Guy's from Bosnia, non EU country. So even if my customers discover faults with the cars in X-amount of time, they can't touch me. Company seller is non EU. Paid the guy his cut, paid whatever I had to in Bosnia, profit.

Made easy money, think "invest 100, make 300" type of deal.

I wanted to do this more, but I wasn't the only one cashing in on this. Suddenly everyone left and right was selling cars to Ukrainians, supply was more than demand and the markup game died out. All second hand vehicles are still currently overpriced, but not as much during that initial boom. Demand has gone down a lot too.

My question is - would you have cashed in on this, or would you have taken a more altruistic approach...

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