Is it normal to just wanting to do a stay at home job only

I just want to do a stay home job and yes i had work at buildings places but duo to covid-19 i lost it, i wanna do a stay home job because i like the comfort of my home and i am still under the comfort of my mother home.

So is it normal?

Is It Normal?
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  • i wish

    nobodys gonna pay me for my opinion

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  • The key is finding something that can be done and earn sufficient income.

    I suggest that you stay in the framework of: Honest, Legal, and Ethical.

    I have assisted some people set things up like this (and much of my income is derived from home based work); but, its not for everyone and not everyone can set this up.

    The other thing is that you have to have the discipline to work when its time to work. Not take too much time off because its nice out or there's something to do.

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