Is it normal to have the urge to be a dick?

I've had it for aslong as I can remember, and I'm pretty sure it's normal to an extent but I don't know to the same extent as I have it.

You know when you have it in your head to smash someones face off the nearest solid surface for absolutely no reason or to just stab people in the car with you and just have quick flashing mental images of what it would look like after you've done it?

Well that's how I get most of the time, for no God damn reason. I'm not sure if it's twitches but when those thoughts come to me my body reacts with quick but small tick like reactions simultaneously.

The people I think of aren't bad people and quite frankly don't deserve it obviously but I can't help but feel that impulse to do it. Don't get me wrong, it's never going to happen, I don't have any motivation to do anything like that, it's just how it pops out of nowhere.

I'm also a decent, happy, kind, guy. I make sure not to hurt people if there's no need for it. It just seems out of the blue.

is this normal?

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  • I get images of stabbing myself sometimes, I think it might be normal as long as you never act on it. I'm not sure tho.

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  • Do it to yourself first, or surround yourself by people with the same impulse. Let us know if that changes your opinions.

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  • you need ahead shrinker get help

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  • I can relate 100% you tryna meet up so we can think about each other that way? (;;);)(;)

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  • You need to unwind. Go masturbate.

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  • That's evil. The Devil's knocking at your door, and asking it you want to play. Don't answer.

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