Is it normal to have my own religion

I don't want to describe it in depth as it's too dear to me, but it revolves around the numbers 15, 16, 17. absence, work, reward.
Every day it gets clearer to me that this is the truth. I have my own practices and celebrations.
part of me wants to believe there are others out there who are also under my religion (i don't say mine as in i own it, i don't believe i made it up but that i've found out about it through messages Nim has sent me) because Nim must have spoken to others as well.
i also have multiple languages used by those under my religion.

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  • you need to work in some squirrels

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  • Sounds like the onset of schizophrenia.

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  • I would say I have pretty common religious beliefs, but have my own interpretation of them. I think this is pretty normal, and I also think everyone has their own theory about life, the afterlife, creation, etc.

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  • Yeah why not you are allowed to believe whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.

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  • I feel that I have my own type of religion. I feel we have some kind of creator

    I have theories like he has mastered the codes of the universe and learned gene manipulation and physics and the codes to control and manipulate atoms and particles much like we are learning to do today (look at cern for example) Perhaps we will even be able to manipulate our own DNA one day and become immortals and then learn physics well enough to create our own universe.

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    • this is interesting, you think he was mortal at first ? or do you mean more like we are his experiment ?

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  • When I read this post I was actually really shocked as I think Nim has spoken to me as well, though I don’t call him Nim. Your post really resonated with me, especially the bit about numbers. It’s nice to know there’s someone out there who shares my religion.

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  • No

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  • Why waste time on religion? The original force/super-spiritual being/the Deity/God of all of creation, already lives in you, lives in everyone else, in all of nature, the universe and beyond. And all of creation.. (including you,) also lives in the super-spiritual being/the Deity/God. So stop trying to start another one of those tired 'organized groups' of people who want to use codes, symbols, ceremonial books, rituals or rites to achieve a sense of belonging to what is already everything created, (you inclusive, you who struggles constantly with perceiving yourself as only a derivative of the creator.) You are like a cell, a tissue, organ, or bone that's part of the composite human body, (all of creation, which = God,) and the human body (God) is composed of an infinite number of 'Yous', the cells that make up the body as a whole.

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