Is it normal to have fanasies

Anytime i have a drink or get high i only think of doing things to my wife that i wouldnt normally think of

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  • Normal, but that doesn't mean you should act the fantasies out unless your wife wants to.

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  • Stick it in her mouf

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  • When Im high I get turned on by everything thats naughty or wrong.
    Im a guy and even purposefully setting myself up to be seen completely naked by my dad got me going.
    Not sure what it is but just been completely naked and seen his eyes got to see my penis full on is such a turn on.
    Also love when my younger bro is in the room if im drying myself off completely naked it feels so good when i know his staring.
    Think im a typical exhibisionist but yeah only when im spun out high lol

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  • Some drugs like meth make u hyper sexual.

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  • Grab her by the pussy

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  • Hit that shit

    With ya dick

    So fuck her in the ass

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  • Not normal

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  • Lol i assure u i stick it everywhere

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