Is it normal to have a teddy bear that i make love to

is it normal to have a particular teddy bear that i hump when im in bed? i have been doing this since i was little.

feeling the arms around me comforts me and i can really get lost in it, and it feels just like im with a human being.

sometimes if i breathe a certain way the breath bounces off of me and it feels like it is breathing too. i just kiss and cuddle it and it feels like i have a boyfriend.

if i dont have a bear, then i have also taken a large sweater, stuffed it full of clothes to make it substantial, make a dummy head formed with other miscelleanous clothes, and wrap the arms around me and kiss it and cuddle it before i goto sleep.

i will also tie up the bottom of the sweater so it feels like a penis and i can rub this on myself, there.

has anyone ever done this before. am i normal

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  • Well I use a pillow sometimes, but this is on a whole other level.

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  • i do it

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  • yeah, it is normal, many people don't admit it, but i feel the same. I also have a teddybear i like very much, hold him tight and kiss him. It feels like i'm with an human being and don't feel so alone anymore. how old are you ?

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  • No it's not! But maybe? I do it too.

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  • LMFAO well...... i had this stuffed animal named bun bunz, and i use to hump his nose lol

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  • soooo gay.

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  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! God i try and help people but some of these posts just need a good LMFAO.

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    • Hahahaha!
      Probably right. I mean seriously. The guy humps a teddy bear. Surely there are enough women to choose from. Even if he just asks 20 girls to have sex with him. At least one will say yes right?

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