Is it normal to hate the hair on your body?

I have always hated hair on my body. Specifically on my hands, fingers and arms. I pluck my finger and hand hair but each time it gets thicker, longer and darker. I got hair bleach out of my bathroom cabinet and bleached my finger and hand hair, but now I have big white splotches! My mom will probably find out soon! What should I do? :(

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  • You should laser it..

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  • suggest you consider laser since will remove root stopping regrowth. i hate hair on my body so get monthly full body waxing along with a hot oil massage afterwards.

    if you are female will be more attractive to men. if guy will be a definite turn off at least for me.

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  • People have hair .. don't give in to this idea that people should be completely hairless

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  • If you pluck it for a long enough time, eventually it will just stop growing there.

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  • Have you tried waxing?

    How old are you and are you male or female?

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  • Don't use household bleach on your arms, hands and fingers! Go to the drug store an buy some Sally Hansen bleach for bleaching body hair, read the directions and then bleach the arm, hand and finger hair.

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  • dont use bleach!

    they are better ways to remove the hair... dont hurt yourself!

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