Is it normal to hate milk so much

Is it normal to hate milk to much that even when you look at it you want to throw up.
I can not drink it, smell it, touch it or ever even think about tasting it, my main fear is that it will be off.... and the thought of milk that has curdled ,*Bleh!* I am ready to heave...
Thinking about great big chunks of gone off milk

Is it just me or is milk really that disgusting... I mean I comes out of a cows tit.

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  • I am also lactose intolerant so I really hate milk as well. But even if I wasn't, milk is gross! It's not natural... It's not natural to drink milk past weenig nor is it natural to drink the milk of another species. It doesn't occur with any other species except people. Milk really grosses me out.

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  • That's normal. People have strong aversions to food probably for good reason. Milk is generally bad for you anyway so its no big loss. If you think about milk, only baby animals drink it humans are the only ones who drink milk past the point of weaning. A large percentage of the world is lactose intolerant so it cant mean nothing.
    I don't get digestive issues with dairy but if I eat/drink it the next day or so I break out with itchy pimples on my face or chest so I avoid it too.
    I understand what you mean though the thought of milk is disgusting to you, I feel that way about certain foods...I cant eat pork products.

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  • I think milk is disgusting! It really grosses me out because it has pus in it and humans aren't meant to drink it anyway.

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    • Who the heck told you milk has pus in it. Oh well if it does then that is some good pus.

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  • haha :) thats funny.. Alot of people hate milk, I'm like that with baked beans though, they're more vile.

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  • WTF?!!?!?!? milk is like the best drink ever! i dont even eat anymore cuz i can just drink milk instead

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  • It's alright to hate some sort of food i hate pickled food but as a cow lover i adore milk and cheese and other stuff but one of my friends can't stand butter on her sandwhiches and my other friend hates cream

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  • Eh everyone has something that they just can't stand so its perfectly normal, but sooner or later your gonna have to take supplements if you don't drink any. I love milk but I hate eggs. Can't like everything...-shrugs-

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  • I'm lactose intolerant, so I've had a hatred towards it for a while now.

    It's not just the fact that it's repugnant and makes me have abdominal pains and deficate excessivley, but it's consistancy and that blurry watery substance is really not all that appetizing, I concur with you (Author) Milk is pretty raunchy.

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  • Try chocolate soy milk.
    it's healthier and tastier.

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  • I'm okay with cows milk but I do find it gross in cereal (I eat cereal plain and dry, shut up.) but I am in a class that is just finishing up that my instructor is obsessed with goats milk. I guess it is an aquired taste. Personally, I like to drink Diet Pepsi more.

    She never brought any in but it begs the question

    Who was the first person to walk up to a cow, look down below and just decided to drink whatever the hell comes out of that end? Also, did he try it with a bull first?

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  • Heh, I don't mind some cow boobie juice myself. Aw c'mon, it's not that bad. Just think of all the unavoidable crap that we eat and drink nowadays.

    I'm guessing that you're not a huge fan of cheese then?

    Anyway, it's normal.

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