Is it normal to get sexually aroused by tickling?

Even though I’m devastatingly ticklish, nothing makes me hornier than having a girl tickle me, even to the point I can’t even breathe from laughing so hard.

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  • If someone lightly strokes my back or sides with their fingers I begin to uncontrollably moan. I’m not sure if that counts as arousal but yea I think it’s normal

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  • I enjoy tickling my partner it's fun. They usually don't like it though

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  • I think so. It's a fun thing to do to your sexual partner/have done to you. I love tickling my partner
    Its so cute seeing him like that.

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  • Hell yeah. This babe and I were rehearsing for the high school play and we were sitting on a couch because we were supposed to be talking in the scene. So during a break we were joking around and she poked me in the ribs and I jumped. And she said oh you're ticklish and started tickling me. I went hysterical and I got a boner and cummed in my pants. I told the teacher I had to go and went home to change with my shorts full of cum.

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  • No it is not.

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  • Sounds like childhood trauma is makin ur dick hard or somethin

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