Is it normal to feel lonely in a relationship

Me & my bf have been together for almost 5 years... In the beginning our
relationship was rocky we argue constantly & there was little trust because we
let the hurt and dishonesty of our past relationships interfere with our
relationship.. After about a year & a half or so of seeing one another things
got better and trust was building along with a deeper friendship.... Then things
continued to get better we talked or texted every day all day & spent almost
every night or every other night together.. However in the fall of last year we
both got jobs.. & that took kind of a toll on our relationship.... At this time
I was working full-time at a plant working 10 hr days and sometimes 6 & 1/2 days
a week and going to school full-time 3 classes 2 on-line and 1 on ground and he
worked pretty much full-time until they began cutting his hours at a thrift
store. We didn't see each other as much because this was my first time working
and going to school so I was trying to get the hang of it and sometimes he'd
call and I'd be sleep or wanna hang but I'd be tired... But no matter wat I
always sent him a text b4 I went into wrk just something to let him know I
cared, I loved him, or a song... And I definitely replied to his texts & calls
when I got off... And there worst part was on sweetest day I was extremely too
tired to go out but I made sure I still got him a gift & promised 2 spend the
following day with him... He was upset & told me I was really wrong and that
kinda hurt his feelings that all his friends were with their girls & he was the
only one alone.. Basically he felt stupid and thought if I really cared I
would've made time.. But I was beat...Was I wrong???.. We worked it out and got
pass that... Since then I quit my job... B4 u think because of him? Not a chance
at the time i quit I was about 2 be a junior in college (Fashion Design Major)
and working at that plant was giving me no time to study and most of the time I
was too tired to attend class and my grades began to drop... Though I miss the
paychecks Fashion design is my passion & a dream of mine and I'm Too close to
start slacking... Since then my schedule gives me more time to spend with him as
well.. But now things are bk on the rocker. I got upset with him because I feel
like our schedules match up now but we still don't spend a lot of tome together
& I mentioned that to him. & he said since ur not working you have all this free
time but I work 40 hrs now and I be tired...??? Rewind I went off like when we
didn't spend sweetest day together you were pissed at me and ur right I have
free time and now I do get how u were feeling at that time #neglected...

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  • And I
    apologized but I'm like @ that time I was working and going to school both
    full-time so don't run that tired crap on me because you don't even know how
    tired I was at that time.. Since then he continues to drop the excuse he's so
    tired... But it's like he can still make time to hang with friends.. So I'm like
    if your so tired y do they get to see you?.., I feel like sometimes I get lonely
    not seeing him for days at a time & talking only once a day or every other day
    it really gets to me.. Sometimes I lie awake because this makes me mad... I'm to
    the point where I rather be single and alone then get y I'm lonely rather than
    be with someone and be lonely and have no idea y... Then I think about walking
    away and I know I love him too much for that, and I'd be heart broken...& so
    would he and I know this for a fact....I just want something to change... & for
    things to go bk like b4... O and I should also mention at the time when this
    started his head gasket on his car had blew and I know he was working to save up
    for a new one and got one like 3 weeks ago... And he's in the process of moving
    from a house he lived in for 16 yrs... Lol and they ( his mom & little brother)
    finished moving in yesterday. So we'll see if this allows for us too spend more
    time together. But I just need some feedback and opinion from people who don't
    know u's personal to give me honest criticism... Am I right for feeling like
    this or am I being unreasonable to circumstances?

    My story was to long so this comment is the ending.

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