Is it normal to feel drained or exhausted after being around a person?

Well as the title says... there is this person, after meeting or seeing each other at work for work purpose, i feel all drained and sad. I dont understand why. I feel some annoying feelings like stress or just emotional tiredness. I hate seeing him. But we kinda have to bcz of work.

Is it there some explanation to this? Is this normal?

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  • Back when I was fairly seriously into occult stuff, I remember lengthy discussions on forums about "psychic vampires".

    I don't accept that the mechanism involved is anything like what people on the forums believed, but it's definitely true that some people are simply exhausting to be around, and it's often difficult to pin down just what it is that makes them suck all the joy out of you.

    About all you can do is try to limit your time with such people. However, you need to be aware that once you form a negative opinion of someone, it's very easy for us to be primed to be affected negatively the next time we encounter them. So, to some extent, it can be a self-reinforcing cycle.

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    • You were into occult stuff? That's pretty surprising. Was it just an interest or did you suspect something might have some truth to it?

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      • I've been interested in a lot of things during my life; not to an obsessive degree, but enough to learn a fair amount about them before something else catches my attention and I go shooting off in a different direction.

        Back in my late teens, I was intrigued by mainstream western magic: tarot, Crowley, qabalah, etc., and I belonged to AMORC for a while. I didn't have much money then, and accessing that sort of stuff back in the seventies was hugely more difficult (and expensive) than it is now.

        Around twenty years ago, my interest resurfaced and I started spending a lot of time (and quite a bit of money) on stuff to do with ceremonial magic, the Golden Dawn system and all sorts of specialised areas within that system.

        As for my conclusions on whether there's anything to it, I have mixed opinions.

        One of the things I looked into during my most recent foray into weirdness was astrology. Not the obviously BS of sun signs, but the version which involves lots of calculations. My conclusion is that it's all faux-scientific/mathematical window dressing for a total crock of shite.

        Alchemy is fascinating from a historical perspective, but it's also nonsense, although I'm willing to accept that practitioners might gain some sort of personal development by going through the absurdly complicated processes.

        I don't believe that entities such as angels or the goetic demons have any objective reality, but I am willing to believe that belief in such things can affect people, and we - just maybe - have more ability to control the world around us than current scientific understanding would indicate.

        Things like Tarot are interesting, but I don't believe that it's possible to predict the future by looking at the arrangement of a bunch of weird pictures on cardboard. What I do think things like Tarot allow is access to parts of our mind that are normally working away below the rational, conscious bits. Not in any mystical, we're-all-one-with-the-cosmos way, but rather intuitive understandings that we can't explain by simple cause and effect, but still have rational explanations.

        During my second exploration, I obviously was able to access online occult forums. One thing that became very clear to me then is that there are a helluva lot of completely irrational, utterly deluded people who are interested in this stuff. And just as with Christianity, there are a lot of lost, sad people who are looking for simple explanations of things they find very confusing and easy ways to magically (literally) make their lives better, and other scumbags who are willing to exploit those needs for monetary gain.

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        • Ohh, don't bring Christianity into this. Take it from a Christian: Christianity (the real kind, not the vague public deism that passes for Christian religion) leaves you with more questions than it answers. People may say 'Such-and-such is so because God did it' and that's fair, but it's not an explanation. HOW God did it, and with what principles, laws and forces, is something that empirical science is so much better at explaining.

          I agree with the lost, sad people thing. Jesus of Nazareth was drawing those types in when he still walked the earth. I'd wager that even non-Christian writers of the era like Josephus would have picked that up. The interesting thing is though that a lot of people who joined us when they were lost and sad, didn't stay lost and sad...

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    • Energy vampires

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  • They just might beeee a psychic vampire.

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  • You’re describing a “toxic” person with whom you should intteract only in small doses. Sadly, my mother is one.

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  • Yes it is normal.
    Some people are just draining to be around, maybe it's a very negative and miserable person - not everyone like that shows it on the outside but their negative energy can come through. It affects their whole vibe. I would stay away from said person if possible especially if you're a highly sensitive person as then it's much easier to pick up on peoples bad vibes.
    Or if you have to be around him try to figure out a way to not get so negatively affected.

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  • I had a friend that during conversation would literally just talk to himself the whole time. If I said anything he'd cut me off before I could finish to agree with me and explain why I said what I said. One time I just staired at him and stopped tryin to talk to see how long he would talk and he talked for 15 minutes straight. Great conversationalist.

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