Is it normal to feel bad for someone for this?

At uni, I see this girl sobbing as I approached her I asked what's wrong and she tells me she feels used and that her friends have betrayed her. My next instinct was to tell her Know who your real friends are and to forget them, that these friends never had your back and they aren't your true friends.

I felt bad because I was once in a sticky situation where I was with fake friends, I didn't know what to do and therefore I knew what it's like.

What was worse that her so called friends would often talk bad about her.

After letting her cool down and giving her some tissues I decided it would be a good idea to become friends with her, after telling her how it is she begins seeing me as a true friend.

All I could think to my mind was, people who claim to be your friend and talk shit about you behind closed doors are not your friend.

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