Is it normal to fear death?

I wake up in the middle of the night fearing that death means ceasing to exist: no more consciousness, no more feeling, and no more company.

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  • I don't fear it. Because it's the one thing I'm 100 percent sure will happen to me and every other organism on this planet. Taxes? If your smart enough, you can side step taxes. But not death. Fear of death, of coming to an end, of our loved ones coming to an end, is the reason religion even exists.
    All religions are based on fear. People are afraid of coming to an end so religion, for some, allays those fears.

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  • Yes, you are supposed to fear death, that's how you stay alive.

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  • Death comes to all living things. Enjoy life in the moment. Humans are the only lifeforms that we know of that comprehend the concept of death. All others just live their lives "in the moment" and do not or cannot think that far ahead.

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  • Duh what kind of question is that! You should already know that is normal!

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  • too. I have panic attacks about this sometimes. It's scary as fuck. You're not alone.

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    • Thank-you for sympathizing! I agree! It is scary as shit!

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