Is it normal to eat your sperm

Ok I have never sone this and don't plan on doin this but is it normal for a guy to eat his sperm..

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  • Hell no lol. My friend once tried convincing it was normal, but then it turned out he was gay (literally). Most guys would never eat their sperm. But I don't mean to judge. If you'd like to try it, then go for it.

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  • I like to see a guy eat his own sperm, it turns me on and at the same time I feel on par with him as a girl I love swallowing sperm

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    • I'm a guy. Never been with another guy. However, I do enjoy licking my cum. My fantasy is to have a girl tie me up. Then have at least a couple of guys to fuck and give bj to. Then she has the guys force me to suck their cocks until they all cum in my mouth. Even if I beg for them to stop they won't until they are all done shooting their loads.

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  • and by the way drinking sweet stuff doesnt work!! my boyfriend drank pineapple juice and citrus stuff by the litre everyday for a whole week and it didnt taste any better so dont bother going through all that shit

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  • EAT it is disgusting like fill a cup and drink it again and again but taste it i dont see a problem. why should a girl have to taste it and swallow it if a guy cant bring himself to do it? think of it this way. girls and guys will taste another persons sperm. they may not know this person and know nothing of their sexual history but they will still taste it, yet apparently it is disgusting to taste your own. makes no sense to me

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  • That is fucking disguisting.

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  • Dustis:

    You just double negated urself on that sentence.

    So you are serious about tasting ur own cum? LOL!

    And that's how Tang takes it!

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  • Haha chill guys I was not kidding when I said I'm not trying it

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  • Haha!!! .. so how'd it taste cowboy?

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  • Eat his own sperm, no.
    Eat someone else sperm, yes.
    And btw he's gay too.

    If your really wanna try it, and I think you do since you asked, even tho u specially said "not like u'd try it", try drink lotsa and lotsa citrus drinks such as orange or lemon drinks to make your body produce sweeter and less stinky loads of cum for drinking purposes.

    Enjoy~! *wink*

    Sign off: And that's how Tang takes it!

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