Is it normal to deal with indecisiveness at every stage?

Things that aren't strict routine to me are almost impossible to carry out.

- The first time I went for clothes shopping was at 18. I was too nervous and sweating worrying other people will judge me for some reason that doesn't even exist.

- I have been fond of some weird dance 11 years ago. I still am, but I am terrified at the idea of going ahead with starting to practice.

- I found a piano that my sister doesn't use anymore. Still dead scared to tinker around with it even though she doesn't need it anymore. I never played an instrument before.

Basically, any decision that I have to make myself is near impossible. It's like fighting with myself until I make up my mind. I am very systematic. Unless I am spoon-fed at first, I can't predictably move on with something.

On the other hand, I feel hyper when I have friends around me and I happen to lead some cool ideas and plans. Just when some friends who I know well are around me. So maybe that's more of an outlier.

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  • Sounds like anxiety. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    I find myself paralyzed of large tasks. But it’s just seem that the tasks are bigger than me.

    Do what you wanna. Apologize later. ( you probably won’t have to. )

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  • Are you afraid of potentially failing at any of those things? To be honest, that is what has stopped me from trying a lot of new things. I'm admittedly way too hard on myself when I don't pick up on things as quickly as I think I should. Perhaps this is similar for you?

    Are you afraid of what people might think if you do fail, or of people having negative thoughts about you? The first one about the clothes shopping suggests that possibility to me since you are afraid of being judged for a reason you're unsure of. As hard as it is, the best thing in this case is to learn to care much less about what others think (something that takes a lot of time and confidence-building, but is doable; I find it gets easier as you get older as well).

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    • Yes. For all 3 questions.

      I'm miles better than some 5 years ago but still, it's terrible and I am holding myself back at every turn of life.

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  • Are you a Libra?

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    • A Virgo!

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      • Virgo is the sign next to Libra, if I ran you a natal chart you would likely have Libra placements, I would suggest you go to here and create yourself a chart, get to know your cosmic identity.

        Virgo as a zodiac sign is perfectionistic and this can cause them to freeze still because the standards set are just too high and not realistic. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a very mental orientated zodiac sign.

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  • Its called being a woman

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