Is it normal to constantly have dreams about old friends?

I’m not sure what it means, but I keep having vivid dreams about friends i haven’t spoken to or seen in years. Is this normal? Should I take it as a sign to reach out to them, although it wasn’t my fault the friendship ended?

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  • I have dreams were I meet my best friends from my youth, and they tell me I'm a loser, and that they never really liked me.

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  • I'm not sure whether dreams are just jumbled images in our heads while we sleep and random faces get selected (as even "strangers" in your dreams are people you've come across at some point in your life, even if you just passed them on the street once years ago; the mind cannot make up faces), or whether they actually have meaning and messages. I think it may depend on the dream.

    If these people were not good additions to your life, I wouldn't reach out to them. Sometimes people are in your past for a reason. However, if you feel compelled to, it's completely up to you if you'd like to give them another chance.

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  • friends come & go

    enemies are for life

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  • Totally normal.

    Don't read too much into those dreams...

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