Is it normal to be worried

my wife cheated on me and it hurt me alot . we split up but after a while she did everything to get back with me . i finally did i will admit i love her but the pain she caused me il never forget . we have seem to gotten over it but lately iv been thinking that she really only came back to me for the better life with me . am i been foolish way im thinking . .

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  • Yes, recovering from cheating is normally painful.

    Yes, 2 people can live together in better financial and emotional condition than 2 people living as singles. That by itself can be a reason to stay together unless there are other major issues.

    However, she may have real feelings for you that she does not know how to show; and you may not be showing her your inner feelings as well (very common for this to occur).

    I suggest that you get 2 copies of: "The 5 love Languages" by Gary Chapman. 1 for you and 1 for her.

    This book is actually going to explain the most likely reasons that your initial situation developed (about 85% of cases); and also how to ensure that each of you is actually communicating their actual love for each other (to the extent it exists) in a way that the other can understand.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • I just want to say that my love for a person dies if they betray me. I'm happy, and grateful to be single for now. 🙂

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