Is it normal to be afraid to move forward

Is it normal to be middle aged, alone, always humping my bed,all because of being raped at 8yrs old from a 19yr old female & 18yr old male,and was to afraid to say anything for 33 yrs?

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  • It's not normal to make a post without a poll.

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  • I had different but traumatic things happen. I also have a problem of advancing in many areas. I feel that people do not want me to be around them or talk to them. I have been married a long time but i would have been better off single. I know it is something that I must put behind me amd go ahead with life but it is often hard to even do the liuttle things like fix a leaky faucet thought when I do things always work out well but the next thinh is still difficult to begin. I have lost so much time. I do find that when I meet someone interesting and I start talking we get along but things seem to die out though I should just continue. I hope this helps. Let me know

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  • i dont think this is the right place to talk about traumas unfortunately, but there are many services that will help for this kinda stuff and advice and help is always available, atleast they are behind bars

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    • Yeah people here don’t do good at helping with this kind of stuff

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  • Idk if its normal but i got butt raped from a dude when i was a kid and it never bothered me. I just thought he was a weird dude.

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