Is it normal to always guess right who the winner is in games?

Started watching sports like 3 months ago, I’d say about 90% of who I predicts gonna win actually comes true. I even can usually guess by how many points the other team will win by. That’s somewhat ok right??

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  • I would say it's normal. You're probably subconsciously good at telling which team is better. Our subconscious is a lot smarter than most people think. Gambling would probably be a good hobby for you just don't get carried away.

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  • Who do you think will win?
    Khabib Nurmogomedov or Conor McGregor?

    Cyborg vs Amanda Nunez?

    I personally think Conor and Cyborg will win. But if you’re so great at predictions please tell me.

    By the way, you could probably get a ton of money if you bet on these two fights and get it right

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  • Well being wrong 10% of the time isn't "always...right".

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  • Maybe you should help my folks with their football bets?

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  • 90%? You should gamble on the and get rich.

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