Is it normal to 100% mistake someone as their brother?

Just wondering, I was watching a TV Show, and in the story, a Man calls another man “a liar” because he truly believes that 2 separate biological brothers with two separate names and 2 separate lives are actually covering something up and trying to pretend they are ONE person? It’s really weird. Has anyone ever done that to you? Have you ever been 100% mistaken as being your own sibling and you had to explain your true identity and that you are not them, you are just you?

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  • Theres two twins at my work theyre both drivers and theyre identical. Oddly enough theres a guy who always confuses me with them. He come up to me several times asking me if Im one of the twins and then again saying "I got a feeling I asked you this but.... are you the twin?"

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    • Yeah, that was the scenario on the TV Show, but one of the twins clearly was clean shaven and had no facial hair at all. The other twin had a full grown beard and mustache? So should be able to distinguish the two apart from that I would think? But some people I guess are stubborn and think when they’re mind is made up, they can’t change their mind.

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  • Actually, as weird as it sounds, I can see that happening. I'm younger than my brothers by 6 and 8 years. From my point of view, we look very different.

    However, growing up, people constantly said me and my brother looked just like each other. Even when I grew up and got my first job in retail, this happened: my oldest brother once had to drive in and pick me up. The next day, my coworkers were calling him "Tall *insert my first name here*".

    I've never had to explain to anyone that we're separate people, mostly due to the age difference, but this gives me ideas. If I lost some weight and got a tattoo now, I might be able to fool somebody.

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  • Do you remember the name of the show and the episode? It sounds interesting.

    Perhaps this man suffered from prosopagnosia and could not tell faces apart? That would make him much more susceptible to this alleged scam.

    Not really related but this case reminds me of a bizarre scam in which a teenage girl disguised herself as three boys and proceeded to date and abuse her friend as them. There is a theory that the victim has issues recognising faces, hence she could be deceived that one person was four different people. (Warning- it contains descriptions of sexual abuse.)

    To answer your question my sisters have been mistaken for eachother many times, but in fairness they are identical twins.

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    • Is one of the symptoms of this disorder to point fingers and call the 2 brothers liars? He does that throughout the show, he says either you think I’m an idiot or a liar? Which one is it? You can’t have cloned twin identical people at the same place and the same time? It is mathematically impossible.

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