Is it normal that Scientology is the cult for child abusers and worse?

I have been viewing more and more information on Scientology. Rather than a religion it resembled a sick and twisted brain washing cult.

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  • Ive heard bad stuff about it too, not good

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  • Sadly, there is no shortage of cults that abuse children. My guess is that Scientology is tame compared to most of them.

    Once Hollywood splits open, even the most vapid and ordinary citizen will be forced to see just how ugly it all is. It won't be pleasant, but the only way to destroy evil is to expose it.

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  • Watch a documentary. They have human trafficking issues and prisoners.

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  • Catholic priest all get the child molester rap in the news, the pope spends all his time settling out of court. the Masons worship satan at the 33 degree a temple in every town with a bank, all our holidays are pagan in the USA, pizzagate gets all the politicians , democrats get all the incest rape abortion crowd. what can i say about it? not very damn much.

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