Is it normal that my bff bites me?

At the beginning of our friendship I thought it was kinda weird that she bites me (and it also hurts!) Now I don't really care anymore and just let her bite me lol. Do your friends do that too? Most of the times she bites me when we are a litte bit tipsy, but also sometimes just in a sober state. I sometimes bite back but I'm way more sensitive when it comes to pain than her so it doesn't really affect her lmao. She bites pretty hard, after every time we hang out I have a few bruises on arms, legs, shoulder etc.
So I'm just curious if it is normal for friends to bite each other? And how would you act in my situation?
(btw we are both females in case you were wondering and this information is important ..? :D)

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  • Hoe, we don't care what da fuck yo gender is.
    Ted Bundy got sentenced to death due to da evidence of his wonky ass teeth when he bit a hoe.
    When that bitch eventually murders you, at least know that she will be caught and efficiently dealt with probably.
    Don't get any ideas now or run to da cops to taddle on her. Remember: snitches get stitches.

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  • There's loads of bacteria and viruses in the human mouth. Usually, they don't cause a problem because our mouths and digestive systems have evolved to deal with that. But any time teeth break the skin, there's a big risk of infection. (That includes our own teeth, which is one of the reasons nail-biting is a nasty habit.)

    So not only is your friend biting you a weird thing to do because of the obvious aggressive nature of the act, the suggestion that it's about domination because of how she deliberately marks your body and the possible sexual undercurrent, it is also dangerous.

    If she's biting hard enough to leave bruises, then there's enough pressure for a sharp edge of a tooth to scratch you, and that could result in you getting an infection that requires antibiotics or even surgery.

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  • Kind of weird but not as weird as the shit my friends did. Theyd fart and lock the windows in the car.

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  • uhh, dogs do that to show that they care about you in a playful way, not humans. but uh, you do you I guess? just make sure none of yall hurt eachother in a proccess.

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  • If someone bit me I'd want to punch em nice, and hard in the teeth.

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  • Sounds gross. Her spit is on you.

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  • Not normal because she might end up making you bleed with her bite marks.

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