Is it normal that i watched 18 hours worth of k-drama's in a day?

for the last week i've been addicted to k-dramas. the ending of each episode makes me curious for more so I end up binging. I'm not in reality atm.

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  • Sounds like you’re using this to fill a hole, is there something you’re mentally running away from?

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  • if it was just one day then it could be classed as normal - sometimes you just have one of those days where all you do is watch tv/play video games - but doing it for a full week isn't

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  • It's called escapism. What real life issue are you running from? What are you refusing to deal with in a timely manner?

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  • I think korean stuff is cringe.

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  • Fuck you OP. This post is proof that you hate Asians besides Koreans.

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