Is it normal that i want to make other changes to rules?

I would:
1) Help homeless people
2) Allow the desecration of bad people
3) Ban babies from coming to the shops
4) Replace parents with no nonsense ones
5) Kill every domestic pet
6) Allow assisted abortion of children
7) Lower the price of electronics
8) Make gambling legal for everyone so children can learn something
9) Make child support free
10) Abolish every police act.

Rules I would keep the same:

Intercourse at any age. ( Because people need love ).
Arrest people by death
Have child soldiers at age 6
Get rid of schools
Make everything free
Lift the age restriction of games ( so everyone can play what they want ).
Making weapons legal so people can defend themselves.
Make adult content legal for everyone.
Make every illegal drug legal.

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  • You'd make a terrible country.

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  • I would build an army of mountain lions, and destroy you! You deserve a sound thrashing already just for suggesting this degenerate nonsense!

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  • I agree with the guns. Id love to shoot a tree with an RPG could u imagine

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  • kim jong isitnormal

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  • So you are trying to be Immortan Joe from Mad Max Fury road...

    You don't wanna go down that road, guy had his face torn off by a monster truck wheel and his corpse dismembered and eaten by the hungry citizens of the wasteland.

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  • This is a relatively bad troll or your a retard. Quite likley both.

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  • Some advice- “Kill every domestic pet” is obvious rage bait and gives away that you’re a troll.

    Other than that this gave me a good old snigger, a TV show where you become the dictator of the USA would be some funny shit.

    Also what would be the point of lowering the price of electronics if you’re going to make everything free?

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